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Negative side Active in depth and NB Crystallizing cement based waterproofing system.

At Ratanamani Metal & Tubes Ltd. Gandhidham, due to some constructional factor, the sump Pit of the Machinery area was heavily leaking. All general methods were attempted by authorities and the contractors to stop the leakage but none of the methods worked at all.

Shree Shivam Conchem; took up the challenge and the problem was understood by our team. The site was inspected and our proposed technical solution to arrest the leakage was submitted to authorities and the same was accepted. Shree Shivam Conchem executed the repair job successfully, without reconstruction of the structure resulting in enormous savings in time and cost over-runs.

Shree Shivam Conchem; was selected NB System Active in depth and Crystallizing cement based waterproofing system

The NB 1 Sealing Slurry grey is a mineral coating with excellent capillary sealing properties. It contains Crystallizing agents which penetrate deep to fill the voids and capillaries and that react with moisture and ingredients in the substrate to form crystals and thus creating the waterproofing effect, to seal off ground moisture, non-pressurized and pressurized water – on both the positive and the negative side. The NB I Sealing Slurry becomes an integral part with the substrate itself.

Once applied to the substrate, it leaves a coating with excellent pressure- and abrasion resistance and has excellent resistance to chemical compounds.

 NB 1 should only be used on substrates that are free of cracks. Adding of SB-Bonding Emulsion increases the water retentively and thus prevents dehydration under unfavorable weather conditions (warm, dry, draught), which may cause cracks in the coating. SB-Bonding Emulsion makes the NB-Sealing Slurry I grey more flexible thus improving its resistance to thermal movements. Because NB I Sealing Slurry reacts with the free lime in the substrate, it uses the strength and decreased porosity of the substrate to create its waterproofing effect; it can be used on both positive and negative side.

The NB-Sealing Slurry I grey seals horizontal and vertical surfaces made of concrete, masonry or cementitious plaster (only positive side) in damp rooms, bathrooms, shower rooms, new basements, containers, swimming pools, silos, sewage plants, shafts, retaining walls, planters etc. NB I Sealing Slurry can be used on both positive and negative side, provided that access to the base substrate is possible (e.g. the internal wall of a basement is stripped off plaster for treatment directly on the base wall).

Our Projects

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