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Structure Repair & Acid Resistance Coating.

At Arvind Product Ltd, Ahmedabad, one of the largest Textile chemical factories in India in seventies. The concrete shell structure for the condenser Tank was a unique structure. But due to acidic solution and due to absence of systematic & scientific maintenance, the reinforcements were totally corroded. The structural stability was in question and ultimately the plant remained non-operative. However, as rehabilitation programmed, the Arvind Mill Ltd; decided to run the plant and sanctioned funds for the rehabilitation of both the condenser Tank.

Negative side Active in depth and NB Crystallizing cement based waterproofing system.

At Ratanamani Metal & Tubes Ltd. Gandhidham, due to some constructional factor, the sump Pit of the Machinery area was heavily leaking. All general methods were attempted by authorities and the contractors to stop the leakage but none of the methods worked at all.

Chemical Grouting (Ion I & II).

At Transformer & Rectifier (I) Ltd. Ahmedabad officials had been plagued with continuous water leakages inside the Pit Area. Unable to solve this vexing problem, The Company officials approached Shree Shivam Conchem to inspect the locations of water ingress and to suggest immediate remedial measures to stop the water leakages, as continuous leakage of water inside the penstock could lead to serious damages.

Zycosil ,Zycoprime and Elatobar ( Acrylic Based polymer System).

Cadila Health Care Ltd, Ahmedabad, The main structure of the Halls of Industry is basically space frame structure in all. The result was varying degree of distress in them starting from formation of cracks leading to spalling and disintegration of the Terrace. The state of distress required large scale rehabilitation of the structures.

Our Projects

5 Star Hotel of 1,00,000 square feet area at Ahmedabad

PU Grounting of Leading Engineer Company at Ahmedabad

Negative side Crystalise water proofing of Sewage tank at Baroda

Double basement area of 80,000 square feet at Gandhinagar

Terrace Waterproofing at Industrial Complex at Gandhidham

Shopping Mall of 1,00,000 square feet area at Ahmedabad

Terrace Waterproofing at leading Pharma Company at Ahmedabad

Basement Waterproofing Resident Building at Ahmedabad

Waterprofing of Retaining wall in Hospital at Rajkot

Acid Resistance Coating at Leading Texttile Company,Ahmedabad

Acid Resistance Coating at Pharma Company,Ahmedabad

Crack rapair of Leading Pharma Company at Ahmedabad