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Chemical Grouting.
At Transformer & Rectifier (I) Ltd. Ahmedabad officials had been plagued with continuous water leakages inside the Pit Area. Unable to solve this vexing problem, The Company officials approached Shree Shivam Conchem to inspect the locations of water ingress and to suggest immediate remedial measures to stop the water leakages, as continuous leakage of water inside the penstock could lead to serious damages.

Senior technical personnel of Shree Shivam Conchem after inspection suggested the use of POLYGROUT, - a water-reactive expandable chemical for sealing of the leakage.

The surrounding rock of the Pit had been grouted by cement grouts through deep holes inside the rock. These holes are referred as direct holes. However, leakages from these direct holes were more pronounced in the upper half of the Pit Area. In addition, high leakage concentration was found near the construction joints of the concrete lining of the tunnels.

Drilling Holes of 14mm dia up to centre of the wall at 45 degree, cleaning the hole with a drill machine.

Fixing of Aluminum Injection packer of 14mm x 75mm-85mm long screwed till the rubber swells & it is totally intact in the hole.

Providing & Applying Blitz powder (which set with in 30seconds when contact with water) in wrong drilled holes, area around packer & also plug the hole grout hole bore after injection.

Providing & injecting PU water activate hydrophobic Pur IN-1(Component A & B mixed with proportion by weight 12:1) isocyanate foam which expands 30% in volume when react with water & replaces the water with stiff closed cell PU foam, which is free of solvent & fillers and resistant to hydrolysis.

Providing & injecting solvent & filler free low viscosity two component elastic Pur In-2 resin (Component A & B mixed with proportion by Volume 2:1)) for sealing of moving cracks.

The work was carried out within a limited period to the full satisfaction of the Authorities.
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