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How Does Organosilane In Waterproofing Work?
An Organosilane provides all three most desired properties. It is based on nano technology; it provides molecular level hydrophobicity to inorganic substrate. It is ecofriendly, because it is applied in water solution and VOC per applied M2 is less than 20%compared to solvent based silanes. The product is based on organosilicon chemistry, hence reacts with the inorganic substrate surface and provides long service life of 20-30 years.

An organosilicon product, which forms a particle size of 4-6 çm in water and penetrates deep into the building material pores 3-5 mm. The product becomes part of the building material and makes it highly water repellent.

The product has shown 4 major attributes:
• It is a long expected life of 20 to 30 years confirmed by weathering test data by ASTM methods.
• It is diluted 1:10 and more with tap water and emits extremely small amount of organics in the atmosphere making it eco-friendly.
• The product can be applied by brush, spray or roller techniques makes it user friendly.
• The product will be providing water repellency at a very economical material cost.
• The product is non-flammable

An Organosilane treated samples (brick, concrete, cement sheet, plaster, Dholpur stone etc.) reduced water absorption rates by over 99 %. Accelerated weathering Cycle:

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