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How Does Penetrates In Waterproofing Work?

Most penetrants are solvent based, soluble monomeric material with less than 6 çm size. They easily penetrate inside the pores and sub-branches of the pores. There are two types of penetrates (i) non-reactive and (ii) reactive. Non-reactive penetrates are oils and other low viscosity hydrophobic material, which coats the pore of the substrates, and provide water repellency. However, these types of materials are also biodegradable and loose hydrophobicity within a year. Additionally, these products also provide food for mold or fungus growth.

The data clearly suggests that Silane based waterproofing products are desirable for long term performance. Silanes and Silane/Siloxanes are known as new class of waterproofing products. These products are used in USA and Europe for last 30 years. However only last few years they became available in India.

The solvent based silane waterproofing compounds are proven to provide long lasting performance and are used very widely in USA and Europe. The various alkyl silanes that are used for waterproofing are (i) isobutyltrialkoxysilane (ii) n-octyltrialkoxysilane. Silanes are monomeric materials. The products used for waterproofing are known as Alkylalkoxysilane. Alkylalkoxysilane has two types of groups (a) alkyl group, R’ and (b) alkoxy groups, OR, which are reactive to the most building materials.

Most building materials contains hydroxyl (OH) group. These OH groups can chemically react with alkoxy groups of Silane forming permanent Siloxanes bonds with the substrate. The alkyl group R’ provides hydrophobicity (water repellency) to the surface. Therefore, these types of products impart water repellency by modifying surface characteristics from hydrophilic to hydrophobic.

Beside superior performance silanes, usage is limited on a worldwide basis because of high cost Rs.15-25/sq. ft. Also, solvent’s flammability and toxicity imposes limitations to easy applications.

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