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Structure Repair & Acid Resistance Coating.

At Arvind Product Ltd, Ahmedabad, one of the largest Textile chemical factories in India in seventies. The concrete shell structure for the condenser Tank was a unique structure. But due to acidic solution and due to absence of systematic & scientific maintenance, the reinforcements were totally corroded. The structural stability was in question and ultimately the plant remained non-operative. However, as rehabilitation programmed, the Arvind Mill Ltd; decided to run the plant and sanctioned funds for the rehabilitation of both the condenser Tank.

On the basis of the repairing scheme, only few specialized contractors having sufficient infra-structures to undertake such a repairing work. After a detailed study, Shree Shivam Conchem was selected for PSM and undertaking repair and rehabilitation work,

PSM is a special mineral mortar on polymer- and silicate base with very high resistance to acids. The fully cured mortar possesses a very high compressive strength and is abrasion resistant.

The polymer component and the silicate component are mixed in a clean bucket (which has sufficient volume for the total packaging amount) using a slow rotating mixing device until the mass has a homogeneous consistency.

A homogeneous consistency is reached when the liquid becomes caramel-coloured. Now swiftly mix the powder component into the prepared polymer/silicate mixture while continually operating the mixing device. Attention: Mixing time: 3 minutes. Longer mixing times will reduce the pot life. The material is applied using a spiral pump, in a layer thickness of approx. 2 mm per coat. When applying several layers, the application is done fresh in fresh. Maximum time between applications of layers is 24 hours. PSM can also be manually applied with a plastering or a standard trowel.

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